Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cards for the Ethan Lee Fundraiser

Here are the cards we have decided to do at the Ethan Lee Fundraiser on November 21.  They are very simple but nice and you get to make two each.  Here is the information on the event too.  All attendees and non-attendee donations are appreciated!!!!  Read more about Ethan below.

Come create your holiday cards and assist a family in need. On Saturday, November 21, 2009 from 10 am to 3 pm, Rooms 105A&B, St. Stephens Church, 14544 Lebanon Rd, Old Hickory, TN 37138, a rubber stamping fundraiser will be held to benefit Ethan Lee. Participants will stamp 10 holiday cards which they can take home or donate to Ethan’s family. Participants may also choose to donate funds or preorder their completed cards for pickup on the day of the fundraiser. The cost of the card event is $15 per person. RSVP requested by November 11. On the day of the fundraiser, there will also be a silent auction of various items. We are currently accepting donations for the auction. To reserve your seat, preorder your cards or make a donation, please contact:

Janice Jones (

615-773-6194 (h) or 615-202-3203 (c)


Sarah Howell (

615-754-6305(h) or 615-293-7715(c)

A little more about Ethan:

Ethan was born with a condition known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, (HLHS for short). Basically, he was born without the left side of his heart. He had his first surgery when he was 3 days old. While they were closing him up a few days later he suffered a cardiac arrest and had a stroke. He then started to suffer from seizures. A month later he was able to go home. Six months later Ethan had the second part of the surgery and it went well. He then had a feeding button put in. At age 3 he had the final stage of the surgery and it did not work as expected. He required an additional surgery to place a pacemaker. A year later he went into heart failure and was placed on the transplant list. He received his new heart in August of 2008. He has gone through several episodes of rejection but now is doing better. Because of his heart, his immune system is kept really low, so that makes him more susceptible to everything. Last year Ethan’s Dad lost his job which makes caring for Ethan more of a challenge. The funds raised will be used to assist with Ethan’s medical needs, including items not covered by insurance such as special inserts for his shoes and weekly therapy.