Friday, November 5, 2010

12 Weeks of Christmas Crafting - Week 6

Hello everyone.  I hope you are having a great November.  It is a busy, busy month for me.  Last weekend, fall festival vendor booth, last night vendor/teacher at a church festival, tomorrow another fall festival booth.  Whew.  I will be glad when it slows down a bit but . . . not sure when that will be from the looks of my calendar.  Oh well, your next project is a beautiful stamped candle.  These candles are really fun to make if you like playing with the heat tool (100005 $29.95)

Ok, first you need to choose a solid color candle (preferably colored all the way through).  The size of the candle can vary according to which stamp you choose to use. 

Second stamp your image on a piece of wrapping tissue, preferably white, or a light color, then you can color it in if necessary with markers or not if it is a solid stamp.  Now, you may notice that I used a retired stamp set.  Sorry, you cannot buy this one from Stampin' Up! anymore.  However, I will give you a list of stamp sets that would work really well on candles. 

Once you have your image stamped and colored you want to trim around that piece of  tissue pretty close to the image.  Hold your tissue paper around the candle where you want the image to be.  Use a longer piece of tissue and place it on top of your image tissue and around the candle so that you have a "handle" to hold while you heat it and it won't burn your fingers.  Once you have the image in place, heat the tissue until you see the candle begin to sweat.  Once it does, keep heating for just a moment longer until your whole area around the image is "sweaty".  This means you have melted just enough candle to envelope the tissue. Now you can peel off the "handle" tissue and you have a nice image melted into your candle.  Note:  Do not heat your candle so much that it drips or it will be misshapen. 

Now you can wrap your candle in cellophane paper and tie some ribbons on the top and put a tag on it if you wish.  Have fun!
Here is your picture:
Images © Stampin' Up!

Some stamp sets that work well for this are:
A Wish for Peace (111614 $16.95)
Good Cheer (115326 $22.95)
Home for Christmas (111756 $18.95)
A Cardinal Christmas (111760 $23.95)
Come to Bethlehem (118732 wood mount/120591 clear mount $19.95/$14.95)
Fireside Christmas (120827 wood mount/121136 clear mount $16.95/12.95)

Let me know if you need some help!! Have fun!

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